After 9 months of hard work the European project It’s 4 women is back with some news regarding the platform we are building to support and inspire women about careers  in IT as well as creating an effective network, to boost women’s enthusiasm and positively influence for more TECH related jobs and IT skills. The project is realized by the coordinator BDF (Netherlands) and 5 partners coming from different European countries: Babele create together (Romania), Laptify (Netherlands), Dalarna Science Park (Sweden), IDP (Ireland), and EOLAS (Spain).“

Our recommendations for women and girls engagement in IT

Data trends and qualitative analysis suggest that gender inequality in the digital sphere is essentially a result of the persistence of strong unconscious biases about what is appropriate and what capacities each gender has, as well as about the technologies themselves which requires a fundamental cultural change. This imbalance must become balanced. 

How? By growing confidence, shifting the biases, raising awareness, getting the number right and making sure there are females also in leadership position. These measures have to be taken throughout the whole lifecycle, some are most efficient in the childhood period (eg role models and IT’naratives), other are during the youth and adulthood (eg IT education & training). 

If you are interested, in knowing more about what can be done, you can download our full recommendations report here.

So, get involved in the local networks!

One of the aims of the consortium is to establish an effective network and involve other organizations – so we can collaboratively boost opportunities for girls and women to enter the TECH world and explore their potential in this sector.

We have therefore organized stakeholders meetings in the consortium partners’ countries, and there are going to be more to come.

Therefore, if you are you interested in joining one of our local network or if you know any organization that is aligned to our vision and purpose? Please get in touch with u via  our social media channels (Facebook , Linkedin), and  our website, we would love that you joint this collaborative movement to balance the imbalance 🙂