Welcome Back

After a well-deserved summer break, the European project Digital Literacy for Ladies : is back with some juicy news for you! The project is realized by BDF (Netherlands), Babele (Romania), Laptify (Netherlands), Dalarna Science Park (Sweden), IDP (Ireland), and EOLAS (Spain).“

Today’s TECH world is still a man’s world

Despite gender equality concerns us all, diversity in workforces related to TECH and IT isn’t equal at all! Research tells us we need to encourage women and girls to consider and explore tech related opportunities for their future. Perhaps you are aware of the situation, but can you believe only 17,2% of the ICT jobs in Europe, are occupied by women?

Clearly, workplace gender equality is a “win” for all. The equal involvement of women in the workplace contributes to meaningful returns on investment, and is associated with:

  • Increased profitability and organizational performance;
  • Improved national productivity and economic growth;
  • Resilient workplaces and national economies that can withstand shocks;
  • Enhanced organizational reputation, ability to attract talent and retain employees;
  • Innovation, creativity and openness.

So, we are establishing an effective network, to boost women’s enthusiasm and positively influence for more TECH related jobs and IT skills!”

Where are we?

We have produced a recommendations document aimed at Mapping Girls and Women in IT, in which we assessed how the gender gap in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematic (STEM) prevails from an early age – as girls and women continue to dominate biological sciences but are underrepresented in physics, mathematics, engineering, and information technology (IT).

We have studied the Best practices in the five partner countries – Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Romania
and Sweden – and agreed on the opportunity that the consortium has to really have an impact on the issue.

Furthermore, we have performed a thorough stakeholders mapping and prepared a deck to present the project to these stakeholders, so we can build a regional alliance and involve other organizations to become member of the local partnership – so we can collaboratively boost opportunities for girls and women to
enter the TECH world and explore their potential in this sector.”

Next Steps

We have started the development of the IT’s 4 Women platform, and we are now assessing how to tailor the portal’s value proposition for 7 identified key women archetype that we will serve with the project. We will use ”personas” to describe the situation of each of women at different steps on the pathway. 

2 Personas focus will be on where to get the necessary training, 3 Personas focus will be on how to find a job in the sector, and the remaining 2 personas will focus on how to set up their own company.

Finally, we will soon proceed with the creation of the Regional Alliance!

Are you interested in being involved as a local partner? Or do you know any organization that is aligned to our vision and purpose? Please follow us at itsforwomen.eu and trop us an email if you’d love to learn more!
Best wishes!”