IT’s 4 Women: changing the gender inequality in TECH

A new programme and virtual repository aimed at helping women develop their digital skills

Despite gender equality concerns us all, diversity in workforces related to TECH and IT isn’t equal at all. Research tells us we need to encourage women and girls to consider and explore tech related opportunities for their future.

The situation is so unbalanced that only 17,2% of the ICT jobs in Europe, are occupied by women.

Clearly, workplace gender equality is a “win” for all. The equal involvement of women in the workplace contributes to meaningful returns on investment, and is associated with:

  • Increased profitability and organizational performance;
  • Improved national productivity and economic growth;
  • Resilient workplaces and national economies that can withstand shocks;
  • Enhanced organizational reputation, ability to attract talent and retain employees;
  • Innovation, creativity and openness.

The project IT’s 4 Women (IT skills for Women) wants to put a spotlight on these gaps and imbalances with the goal to improve the position of women in IT and raise awareness about the opportunities, advantages, and benefits of having a great balance across the IT Sector. Its focus is on the need to support women to build their digital skill capacity, and those working in, and advancing within the IT sector – to ultimately address imbalance, social disparities, and discrimination.

IT’s 4 Women is now in the process of establishing regional alliances: soon will meet with all stakeholders to build a strong network for those girls and women interested in the TECH world.

ITs4Women tech platform will be launched before the end of the year: it will not only disseminate digital skills, but also capture the learning from and for the regional partnership approach: linking with stakeholders relevant to the IT sector such as IT companies, teachers in IT, employers in general, foundations promoting digital literacy etc.

IT’s 4 Women is a consortium of organizations from five European countries: BDF (Netherlands), Babele (Romania), Laptify (Netherlands), Dalarna Science Park (Sweden), IDP (Ireland), and EOLAS (Spain).

Through their work, the consortium hopes to foster women’s enthusiasm and positively influence for more TECH related jobs and IT skills.

IT’s 4 Women is available on Facebook, Linkedin and on our website