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We aim to increase social inclusion of women in modern society

A project to increase learning demand through effective outreach, guidance, and motivation strategies.

Digital Literacy for Ladies (DLL) wants to create a bigger demand amongst women and girls to increase their digital skills. So far, still a very big gender gap exists in IT. Women are highly underrepresented in the IT sector, while a more equal gender diversity would highly benefit this sector.

DLL wants to analyse existing research on how to reach women and move them towards IT/digital skills, good/bad practices, find role models in IT etc. This research will be used to prepare a more effective approach to reach women.

By lowering barriers for them, by offering a platform covering all kind of support women can need to work on their digital skills and information they need for their consideration of the IT world, we will be able to guide these women better and motivate them better to work on their digital skills than initiatives before.

The recommendations from the analysis will be freely available, so also existing initiatives can use this consultation and recommendations to improve their own support programmes, etc.